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Sangiovese 70%, Cabernet Sauvignon 30%
Produced with Sangiovese, and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, and following fermentation at a regulated temperature in steel barrels, the wine rests for another six months in french oak barrels before being bottled where remain for 3 months.
Fresh and fruity with floral and red-fruit notes, this purplish-red wine is immediately ready to be enjoyed and thanks to its characteristics, ideal throughout the entire meal. 

Per bottle € 8.19
8.19 +VAT

Rosso DOC Montecucco 2017

Techical Wine Info "Alfeno" (Pdf)


Sangiovese 100% 
Skillfull and selective pruning is a prerogative for achieving this product. For this Sangiovese the vines are made to produce less than 1 kg. per plant and with a longer fermetation process at a regulated temperature we acquire the maximum extraction of colour and tannins.
Left to sit for at least 30 months in big french oak barrels ends in a refinement in the bottle, where it can remain for many years. The colour is a very intense and deep ruby-red with an inebriating woody, oak bouquet.
Its highly tannic and structured taste, make it a particular complement for game-based dishes.

Per bottle € 20.49
20.49 +VAT

Montecucco Sangiovese DOCG Riserva 2015

Techical Wine Info "Licurgo" (Pdf)

Sara Rosé

Typical Geographical Indication 100% Sangiovese
The Sangiovese grapes are harvested by hand the first week of September, they are pressed and just the juice will make the fermentation at controlled temperature.
After the fermentation, that can least more than 15 days, the wine stays in stainless steel vats, matures for 4 months, after is filtered and bottled.
The main characteristic of Rosè wine are the particular and pleasant smells of peach, apricot, pinapple and grapefruit that make the wine a perfect combination with dishes based on fish, white meat and cheese.

Per bottle € 8.19
8.19 +VAT

Terre dei Bocci

Sangiovese 100% 
Produced with select grapes chosen at the moment of the harvest and following the customary fermentation at a regulated temperature, the wine is left to sit in oak barrels for about 12 months.
This Sangiovese also needs to be refined in the bottle, which accentuates the aroma and softens the taste.
Its satiny and velvety flavour and deep ruby-red colour make it the perfect complement to red meat dishes.

Per bottle € 10.66
10.66 +VAT

Sangiovese Montecucco DOCG 2015

Techical Wine Info "Terre dei Bocci" (Pdf)

11 23

Sangiovese 68%, Merlot 12%, Cabernet Sauvignon 20%
The harvest is done by handmade in the last week of september.
The vinification on the skins in stainless steel vats at controlled temperature and refinement more than 18 months in big french oak barrels, 6 months in bottle.
Rich, appealing, with subtle notes of licorice, this wine ideal with a lingering finish

Per bottle € 14.75
14.75 +VAT

Rosso DOC Montecucco Riserva 2011

Techical Wine Info "11 23" (Pdf)


Vermentino 100% 
The grapes are ususally harvested by hand the first weeks of September.
After fermentation without the skins and at controlled temperature, the wine matures for 4 months in steel, after which it is cooled, filtered and bottled.
The white wine is 100% Vermentino and this make it perfect for the combination with dishes based on fish and white meat.

Per bottle € 8.19
8.19 +VAT


Syrah 100% 
Produced with carefully selected and chosen grapes of the Syrah vines, this wine has been a delightful surprise for our company.
By leaving it to ferment in open container and by frequently lowering the lees, we have obtained a product with a particularly intense aroma. 
Always aged in french oak big barrel for 18 months, it is refined in the bottle for at least 6 months.
Its intense ruby-red color and structured and tannic taste, make it the delightful complement to flavourful and succulent dishes

Per bottle € 14.75
14.75 +VAT