Visits to the Winery with Wine Tasting

From the Vine to the Glass, a journey to discover the Tuscan Wine Route

The unforgettable and elegant hospitality of the Cantina Perazzeta awaits the guests that visit the enchanting land of Tuscany, opening the doors of its cellar to all wine lovers. If the vineyards are the soul of the Cantina Perazzeta, the cellar is certainly its heart.

We have guided visits to the cellar and the vineyards all year round. The visit to the cellar includes a detailed explanation of all the winemaking processes carried out in the winery and the tasting of our best wines.

Guided by experts through vats, barrels and barriques, you can follow the various stages that turn simple grapes into precious wines.

In the next spring and summer, the winery panoramic terrace will be the venue for wine tasting sessions, tales and explanations, and the old barrel stockroom right below, which dates back to 1400, will make you find out how our wine aging tradition is kept alive.