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The Cantina Perazzeta is located in the small village of Montenero d'Orcia, halfway between the Morellino di Scansano production area and that of Brunello di Montalcino, in the upper part of the Maremma Toscana, in a territory called Montecucco, well suited for the production of big reds based on Sangiovese, in a hilly district with an ancient winemaking tradition. Located within the Northern and Southern borders of ancient Etruria, at the foot of the extinct Mount Amiata volcano, it is the starting point of soils very rich with lime and marl, ideal to grow grapes.

The winery makes wine with a philosophy that favors the search for quality and a work method that can guarantee a unique product combined with the respect for the land.

Thanks to its structure - a farm built in 1500 - the winery boasts rooms with stone bearing walls and masonry vaults dating back to the same period, about 450 m2 large and with an almost constant temperature all year round. The humidity level is very high, a natural environment for the big wooden barrels. The soil and the winemaking facility allow the winery to make original wines of exceptional quality, which are the true expression of our land.

In making our wines, we follow a controlled viticulture and high quality standards, so that our wines are pure and genuine at every stage of their creation.

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Our winery was featured in

We have been a part of and listed our winery on their website for visitors to view and choose the tours they can be a part of Perazzeta.

We recently collaborated with them again on a new project where our winery was featured on the, a Swedish wine magazine. is the one stop shop for all the information regarding wines, food pairings and in general, educate people of Sweden about wines from all around the world.

The article talks about the beautiful wine region of Tuscany and we are extremely delighted to have our winery represent our beautiful region. Please check out the original article with the title, Toscana Italiens främsta vinområde

The wine region of Tuscany is a beautiful part of our country and has a very rich culture, beautiful tourist destinations and unique culinary diversity. If you are planning to visit Tuscany soon, check everything you need to know about our beautiful region.

While you are here, also come and visit Perazzeta. We have various tours and tastings available and you can be a part of a wonderful wine experience. For more information about the winery visit itinerary, please visit the experience page of our winery.
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