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Grappa Riserva


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Thanks to the slow aging in French oak barriques, used only once for the refinement of the wine, this distillate is obtained with a beautiful bright golden color. On the palate it is balanced, enveloping and soft. Perfect after a meal.

Format 0,5Lt.

Alc. 42% Vol.

Grappa Riserva

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Technical data

Production area: Paganico (GR)
Category: Riserva or extra-aged grappa
Alcohol content: 42% Alc. Vol.
Distillation: Artisan, discontinuous method with steam boilers and discontinuous low-grade column; head and tail cut performed manually at each crush by the Master Distiller
Aging: In 225 liter barriques
Duration of aging: 18 months
Raw material: Softly pressed fresh pomace
Visual examination: Lively golden
Olfactory examination: The fruity scent of fresh marc is combined with the delicate aromas of aging in wood: notes of vanilla, almond and honey
Taste: On the palate it is balanced, enveloping and soft. Perfect for the end of a meal

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